Dance has always been a part of me. It was not recently until I decided for it to be my life, my career, and my future. I believe that life is a dance, and you should live it! Take the steps you're suppose to take, but don't be afraid to throw in your own spin. Life has rhythm, don't resist it, flow with it! I will follow the rhythm of my heart all the way to the stars in order to chase my dreams. But along the way I may need a little inspiration and that is what my blog is set out to do.....provide some inspiration for those with "the life of a dancing heart."

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I think I may be dreaming….

Today I took a master class with Crystal Pite, the Artistic Director of Kidd Pivot (Dark Matters was the most incredible show I have ever seen)! The woman is a dance genius! She asked me to be her partner in class, and I got to directly dance and improv with her! Not only that, I then served her coffee later in the day and got to talk to her and her husband and son (who I had met unknowingly earlier this week)! She was telling her husband how well I had done….I literally could have just died standing next to her! My job is literally the best job I could ever ask for, I often feel as if I am living in a dream! It gives me hope for a successful dance career in the future! Makes me feel like im slowly getting somewhere!  

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